We are back!

Dear friends of the Tibet Film Festival!

We are extremely proud and happy to announce that the 7th TFF will take place on 16|17|18 September 2016.
In Dharamsala and in Zurich!

This year’s topic of the short film competition will be “food”. We encourage you to come up with the most surprising stories, twist and turns to place your short film about “food” in the cinephile heart and stomach of our great audience.

Dhondup Dangma
The Organisation Committee

PS: For more information see here our official announcement.

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Agency: Hochspannung, hochspannung.ch
Photographer: Rico Rosenberger, rosenberger.biz
Styling: Monica Gilford
Hair&Make-up: Jehan Radwan


Zurich/Dharamsala, 16, 17 & 18 September 2016

Program Zurich Program Dharamsala

  • The Hunter and the Skeleton (Tibet 2012)
  • Bringing Tibet Home (USA 2013)
  • Kokonor (Tibet 2009)
  • Vara: A Blessing (Bhutan 2013)
  • Who Will Be a Gurkha (Nepal 2012)

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